Human effort vs the Spirits power

I came across a great question in my study today, “Could a person do the same activity with human effort as he could with the Spirit’s power?” This is a great question and after some deliberation I decided to share my response with you.

No, definitely not, our human nature is to sin.  I notice it when I am not reading/immersing myself or if I surround myself with “bad”/sinful things—-truthfully it is really just filling myself with things that don’t reflect God and His love—my attitude goes, I become selfish, lazy, moody, unloving, uncaring, etc. When we try to accomplish anything without the Spirit we may be able to do a little, but we will quickly get discouraged, run out of energy and fail. When we have the Spirit and are fueled by it, when we reach those moments where we think we can’t do anymore, we find ourselves accomplishing many more tasks and we can honestly say, “how did I do that?” and “that wasn’t me.” My point is in the flesh we fail and have limits; in the Spirit we have limits yes, but they are so much farther out there that we don’t understand how that could possibly be and we praise God for it.  The Spirit gives us fuel and a fire and takes us farther than we could ever imagine. It takes us beyond the limits of our flesh into the realm where it is obviously not us completing this task but God working through us.


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